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Nightmare on Elm Street - Collection of the best Nightmare on Elm Street sites on the web!

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Nightmare on Elm Street

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
Collection of the best Nightmare on Elm Street sites on the web!

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Electric Lunar FreddyLand
I'm Freddy Krueger..I'm going to bring you The Best Graphics for all the best horror films...Phantasm,Evil Dead,Texas Chainsaw,Scream,and a few more! But since this is my site you know that Nightmare On Elm Street will be my priority...I promise to make this site...a spooky,%
The Boiler Room
My site is just a nightmare on elm st. page.I love krueger.i am a krueger freak.
Michael's Freddy Page
An under-construction Freddy Page that will be one of the best shortly.
Earth's Nightmare, Hell's Dream
Step inside Elm street or Camp Crystal Lake to see film reviews, past scripts, pics, sounds and info on Freddy vs. Jason.
La Calle Elm
This page has the title "La Calle Elm", that means "Elm Street" in Spanish, it is dedicated to Freddy Krueger and the 7 Nightmares. Is under construction, but it's getting bigger every week!!!

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Nightmare on Elm Street

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